End of Q1 for 2017

What a beginning to 2017 – so sorry I have not added much here. So lets just wrap up 2016.

Well Christmas did finally come and I did manage to get some sleep, but I want to thank all of the Torque Training team who have made this year the best yet. We delivered a third more training and our customers have given us even better feedback. So thank you and thank you to our wonderful customers.

Now on to 2017

This year has started with a bang

Two new car launches at the same time

So we started with the New MINI Countryman where our training kicked off with the international trainer conference in Munich where we were part of the team to train the world wide trainers – what an honour. Then we moved on to the amazing Bilbao and the International Product Launch Training. Where we delivered to participants from all over the world. Next came the UK launch, before the tour headed to Dubai and finally ended up in a tent in Thailand. What an adventure.

At the same time we had the New BMW 5 series and again we started in Munich, UK, Dubai and into Asia. The events are amazing, but such hard work.

Part of the Torque Training team took responsibility for the development of the New 5 series training development in the UK. The feedback from the customer was outstanding, with the highest ever scores from the participants.

Other area from the team included all new event staff for BMW UK. We have been tasked to get them ready for a busy event season. The project has started and next we move on to the staff training for Goodwood Festival of Speed and the BMW PGA golf. Finally we take to the track and bring all the BMW Race instructors up to speed on the new BMW M products and make sure they are happy to explore the limits on the tracks around the UK.

As March is nearing the end, we look back on an interesting week here in Manila and the week before in Singapore.

First the standard of BMW Assessments that we helped to deliver and mark. We must say the standards have been very good.

A new area for us took its first steps in Manila this week, were we undertook the first steps to training some new BMW trainers with their first steps to being able to deliver BMW Group training. What a week and some great energy.

Whats next, well an interesting filming project in Munich – more to follow in April!