May 2016

Well where are we now.

So here I am typing this in Dubai about to start a MINI Initial Certification Training. This is the product week and we get in to all the details of what makes MINI so special. We start with the brand and why the recent changes. Then onto the history, design and all the product features. Linking everything to the customer.

Also going on this week is a group of Torque trainers are doing the launch of the MINI ALL4 system and bring that to life all week for the whole of the UK market. They have classroom details followed by practical sessions on the wet grip and kick plates of Rockingham Motor Speedway. The team are also bringing the JCW cars to life on track and again working with the UK networks to show what makes the so special.

And finally this week see’s the preparation for Thailand and again MINI with there planning and training for their network.

So really a massive MINI week.

Next week back to BMW with sales and product training in the UK for a few of the team.