End of Q1 for 2017

What a beginning to 2017 – so sorry I have not added much here. So lets just wrap up 2016.

Well Christmas did finally come and I did manage to get some sleep, but I want to thank all of the Torque Training team who have made this year the best yet. We delivered a third more training and our customers have given us even better feedback. So thank you and thank you to our wonderful customers.

Now on to 2017

This year has started with a bang

Two new car launches at the same time

So we started with the New MINI Countryman where our training kicked off with the international trainer conference in Munich where we were part of the team to train the world wide trainers – what an honour. Then we moved on to the amazing Bilbao and the International Product Launch Training. Where we delivered to participants from all over the world. Next came the UK launch, before the tour headed to Dubai and finally ended up in a tent in Thailand. What an adventure.

At the same time we had the New BMW 5 series and again we started in Munich, UK, Dubai and into Asia. The events are amazing, but such hard work.

Part of the Torque Training team took responsibility for the development of the New 5 series training development in the UK. The feedback from the customer was outstanding, with the highest ever scores from the participants.

Other area from the team included all new event staff for BMW UK. We have been tasked to get them ready for a busy event season. The project has started and next we move on to the staff training for Goodwood Festival of Speed and the BMW PGA golf. Finally we take to the track and bring all the BMW Race instructors up to speed on the new BMW M products and make sure they are happy to explore the limits on the tracks around the UK.

As March is nearing the end, we look back on an interesting week here in Manila and the week before in Singapore.

First the standard of BMW Assessments that we helped to deliver and mark. We must say the standards have been very good.

A new area for us took its first steps in Manila this week, were we undertook the first steps to training some new BMW trainers with their first steps to being able to deliver BMW Group training. What a week and some great energy.

Whats next, well an interesting filming project in Munich – more to follow in April!


Again I am late with this update – goes to show how busy the team have been.

So what been going on??

We have been as a team supporting the BMW Group Academy UK with their big Autumn Model Update event. This was held over 3 weeks and we helped with some development and delivery of a few modules. We supported with sales, product and driving. This was a great event and the event hosted nearly 12oo participants from the UK network.

While that was going on I was back to Munich, this time as part of the training team to deliver the TTT on the new MINI Countryman. I was running the MINI Infotainment and Communications Module which looked at the new ID5 software in the car. This brings touch screen and the new design. Also we gave a very hands on demonstration of Apple CarPlay integration and the first manufacture to do this wirelessly. We also again launched the new MINI Connected app and open cloud information that works in the back ground. Finally showed off the new Find Mate Tags that allows you not to forget your keys, bag or what every you put the tag on.

It was a busy few days with both product managers and trainers from all over the world. Great to work again with some amazing colleagues. Then a cut down version of the event we delivered to head office and all the managers from the MINI team in Munich. This was exciting as the content of my module could easily be a days training, we had 35 mins!!! fast to say the least!!

In-between all of this were trips to Ireland (where the Guinness does really taste better there) and Glasgow for some Product training.

The team have all been so busy as well running sales, product and coaching at the BMW Group UK academy as the run up to the end of the year adds in so many requirements and courses.

I am also back at this moment in Thailand again, this time in black as respect for the passing of the King. Its amazing to see how well loved he was and also how much he had done for the country.

But I am here to introduce BMW i and run through sustainability, BMW i product and how to be a real BMW i consultant to the customers in the future when they decide to launch the BMW i3.

We are starting to count down to the end of the year and Christmas. And I have only three more trips to go this year. Back from Thailand for 48 hours that include a day of meetings at the BMW Group UK academy to help and support the development for the launch events of the new BMW 5 series and MINI Countryman next year.

Then its off to Dubai and Used car sales managers assessments, before heading back and a trip to Munich (this time for fun). Then back to Indonesia for BMW i introduction and Egypt for some product training to finish the year off.

Christmas at this point does equal sleep!!!!!!


So here we are not in August as I promised. What happened, well holiday time was great but so quickly forgotten. We have started the back end of the year with a very busy and diverse start.

As soon as I personally arrived home on the Sunday night at 10pm following a 530 mile drive through northern France and the M25 I was up at 5am for my first project at BMW UK head office in Farnborough. We had a team from the new contact centre to bring up to speed on MINI. Which as a brand is such a great start back to work.

Then we head as a team to the amazing Salon Prive concours event at Blenheim Palace. The Torque Training team of 5 provided support to BMWi and helping the customers understand the product both on the static display and live on the demonstration drives. Also we had to “show” the sexy i8 to the invited guests. What a wonderful event with amazing cars and owners who all were very interested in the ‘future’ technology and were equally amazed at how well the i3 and i8 drove. The event did help us as a team get through the day with lobster for lunch and amazing cream tea in the afternoons. Sometimes it is a hard life we lead.

Next onto the future and a trip to Munich for the training conference for the new 5 series. We spent the two days mixing with all of our colleagues from around the world and discussed and experienced the amazing new 5 series. (for myself it was a two day hand over of my next car)

While we were in Munch, our newest team member was heading for Glasgow to deliver his first courses for us. Peter took to it and really enjoyed his MINI and BMW ConnectedDrive delivery. It does help when you have great participants, so thank you Scotland for looking after him.

September threw up one last surprise. A late request for some PHEV Training here in Bangkok. We were needed to run a focus training project for PHEVs and how to sell them.

So at this time I am sat on my lunch break with a mouth cooling down from the chilli pork and noodles (lovely) on the second day of this PHEV focus training. We have been through the customer and their expectation and concerns, the product and the market. Next is thinking and experiencing the test drive. We are focusing on the X5 xDrive 40e and the 330e that they have just launched in the Thailand market.

Back for the October update I promise as the team will mainly be in the UK (unless another surprise pops in)


Well we are half way through July and there is a little bit of a break on the horizon. A holiday for Nic but still much to do for the rest of the team.

So what have we all been upto. Well a final trip to Thailand, this time for two weeks and working with the BMW sales team. We have been delivering Initial Certification Training so two weeks of sales process and premium skills.

Back in the UK, the team have been delivering MINI Product training, BMW Product training and Both MINI and BMW Brand Training.

So we will report back in August after a much needed holiday – driving 1000 miles to the south of France in the comfort of the BMW 535d Touring should be no problem at all. With the motivation of two weeks on the beach, cheap french wine and time with the family. The 1000 miles back is a slightly different matter, as soon as we arrive back we have some partners work at BMW Group head office with 4 days of training for MINI.


After a fantastic week in Thailand working with 4 new MINI sales consultants. We spent the week learning the MINI product and what makes it so special. The team did a wonderful job with the new brand and CI and why the change followed up with the history and design of MINI and how it links to the new cars. Especially in the Thai market was the heritage and status the MINI brings.

We also went and spent a lot of time on the media and MINI Connected, even getting the team to make their own MINI adverts with MINI’s integration of the GoPro app. The results were fantastic and very funny.

Back to the UK with a bit of sun, we have had a teams working at BMW UK and also it events partners – from operator training in Norwich to event staff training in central London.

We have had BMW Product training in Dublin where there was a taste for Guinness developed and now the preparations for the team to work at the world famous Goodwood Festival of Speed. We have a team there working with BMW and MINI UK and it staff of over 100. This is such a special year for the group as they celebrate 100 years and become Goodwoods title brand.

The last couple of weeks of the month do not slow up one bit. Another trip to Thailand and a new group starting with MINI, then back to the UK and some Brand, sales, product and BMW i training.

And finally we do get to see some great bits from around the world. Check out these exhausts on one of the many trucks on the road in Thailand. Also one of the MINI activities

FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender

May UK


So back in the UK this week and we have had such a busy week already, and we are only half way through.

Monday had us up at Oulton Park looking after the instructors for the start of the BMW Customer Track day season. We started the day with a brief brand reminder and then onto the products themselves.

We had X5s off road, M6s on track where we had the instructors running though with the customers and all the M Manager settings. The amazing i8’s and how the hybrid technology managed power in this amazing sports car. 4 series coupe’s running an auto test and each driver had to complete the course in rear wheel drive and xDrive. They experienced the amazing difference in handling and traction. Finally on the the track for the M4 and the M235i racing cars driven by two BTCC stars – Sam Tordoff and Jack Goff. Great to spend some time with both these very quick drivers and also help them to understand their own M4s and how to get the best out of them.


Monday also had our new trainer Rob running Sales Essential Skills at the BMW Group Academy at Wokefield Park. He has got off to a flying start with a exciting group of the BMW Sales team.


We also had Assessments for BMW sales team who have attended all the qualifying courses. And we are happy to see so many happy faces at the end after now qualifying as Certified BMW Sales Executives.

and finally we are running a M course, looking at the technology and what makes BMWs M cars so special.

Next week Thailand!!!

May 2016

Well where are we now.

So here I am typing this in Dubai about to start a MINI Initial Certification Training. This is the product week and we get in to all the details of what makes MINI so special. We start with the brand and why the recent changes. Then onto the history, design and all the product features. Linking everything to the customer.

Also going on this week is a group of Torque trainers are doing the launch of the MINI ALL4 system and bring that to life all week for the whole of the UK market. They have classroom details followed by practical sessions on the wet grip and kick plates of Rockingham Motor Speedway. The team are also bringing the JCW cars to life on track and again working with the UK networks to show what makes the so special.

And finally this week see’s the preparation for Thailand and again MINI with there planning and training for their network.

So really a massive MINI week.

Next week back to BMW with sales and product training in the UK for a few of the team.

What a 6 month period

Wow, what can I say, this has been the busiest 6 months of our company history.

Projects from around the world and here in the UK.

We have trained in Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Dubai and here in the UK.


Launched cars for both BMW and MINI and ran projects across the UK and all the BMW dealers.


We have also been working for some amazing agencies who specialise in marketing and events, helping them with brand, positioning and customer interaction. These have included launches at music festivals to award ceremonies and international automotive conferences. We have had our faces on film and also behind the camera and developing augmented reality technology.


So a final push to the end of the year and hopefully some time off to catch our breath.

Our New Website….

So it begins, the launch of Torque Communications & Training online.


What do you think?


We are looking for some feedback –


What do you like?

What would you like to see?

What would you recommend changing?

This is just the start, it will change, update and with your help get better and better.


Thanks from Torque Communications & Training team.