Again I am late with this update – goes to show how busy the team have been.

So what been going on??

We have been as a team supporting the BMW Group Academy UK with their big Autumn Model Update event. This was held over 3 weeks and we helped with some development and delivery of a few modules. We supported with sales, product and driving. This was a great event and the event hosted nearly 12oo participants from the UK network.

While that was going on I was back to Munich, this time as part of the training team to deliver the TTT on the new MINI Countryman. I was running the MINI Infotainment and Communications Module which looked at the new ID5 software in the car. This brings touch screen and the new design. Also we gave a very hands on demonstration of Apple CarPlay integration and the first manufacture to do this wirelessly. We also again launched the new MINI Connected app and open cloud information that works in the back ground. Finally showed off the new Find Mate Tags that allows you not to forget your keys, bag or what every you put the tag on.

It was a busy few days with both product managers and trainers from all over the world. Great to work again with some amazing colleagues. Then a cut down version of the event we delivered to head office and all the managers from the MINI team in Munich. This was exciting as the content of my module could easily be a days training, we had 35 mins!!! fast to say the least!!

In-between all of this were trips to Ireland (where the Guinness does really taste better there) and Glasgow for some Product training.

The team have all been so busy as well running sales, product and coaching at the BMW Group UK academy as the run up to the end of the year adds in so many requirements and courses.

I am also back at this moment in Thailand again, this time in black as respect for the passing of the King. Its amazing to see how well loved he was and also how much he had done for the country.

But I am here to introduce BMW i and run through sustainability, BMW i product and how to be a real BMW i consultant to the customers in the future when they decide to launch the BMW i3.

We are starting to count down to the end of the year and Christmas. And I have only three more trips to go this year. Back from Thailand for 48 hours that include a day of meetings at the BMW Group UK academy to help and support the development for the launch events of the new BMW 5 series and MINI Countryman next year.

Then its off to Dubai and Used car sales managers assessments, before heading back and a trip to Munich (this time for fun). Then back to Indonesia for BMW i introduction and Egypt for some product training to finish the year off.

Christmas at this point does equal sleep!!!!!!