Torque Services

We specialise in:

  • Product training
  • Product launches and exhibitions
  • The connected car
  • Automotive media
  • Electric and hybrid mobility
  • Sustainability
  • Brand behaviour
  • What is Premium?
  • Premium Selling
  • Sales and Sales Process
  • Coaching
  • Train the Trainer
When designing and delivering the participant experience is our highest priority. We will create a training environment that is relaxed and fun but most of all active to allow all participants to develop and enjoy the learning. We believe passionately that people will retain knowledge imparted to them if they are feeling engaged and motivated during the training.

We are able to offer a comprehensive suite of services to help fulfil your learning and development needs. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The delivery of your own developed training courses.
  • Training needs analysis.
  • Mystery shop analysis.
  • The development of bespoke training courses for your own trainers to deliver.
  • The development of bespoke training courses which we will deliver on your behalf.
  • Coaching for improved performance.
  • Provision of multiple trainers for large events such as a new product launch.
  • Event planning (including venue sourcing, vehicle sourcing and material development and delivery).
  • Production of training media (including film modules, product walk round films, animations, augmented reality media).

Sales and Sales Process

We believe that sales training solutions should be designed to be the most comprehensive, effective and tailored solutions available. We work constantly to incorporate industry trends and technological developments into the delivery methods to help your people become the most effective, confident and efficient sales professionals they can be.
We understand that by building highly profitable customer relationships and improving the buying experience for your customers this leads to increasing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and in turn to increased sales and profits.

Automotive Media

Not only do we have access to the best trainers in the world but also the best in digital media. From a compelling video to augmented reality and engaging apps. We have produced brand films, product launch adverts, product walk round and training videos. Sales process modules and “how to” modules all the way through to cutting edge augmented reality that brings the product to life in the virtual world.

Strategic multi-channel communication is the most effective way to connect with customers, channel partners and prospects at key touch points, driving engagement and activity. Mobile, web, phone, e-mail… whatever channels you need, we can help you get the right message to the right person, through the right mediums and at the right time.

Product Training

This is the very heart of the automotive training world.
As the product gets ever more advanced, the technologies need to be explained in a way that the customer can really understand, not only how it works but with a clear benefit.
This is the core of Torque Communications & Training. Being able to take a very complicated technology and train the participant not only to be able to understand it but also to have a very clear real world customer benefit.
The objective is very simple, to be able to communicate to all customers in a language that they will understand and be able to see a clear benefit to themselves.

Your Brand

Building a strong brand is vital in any industry.

Your brand needs to stand head and shoulders above the competition. It’s a constant battle to gain the edge, to find that extra something so it is doubly important that your people know how to differentiate against the competition. Torque trainers have particular experience in this area.

We have delivered Brand Academies and Brand and Customer Institutes which take the participants through understanding of what a brand is, what makes a brand, what makes a premium brand through to understanding clients’ brands, brand values and finally how to live, work and communicate the brand to the customer.

Premium Selling

Premium selling is a mix of understanding the customer and their expectations, the premium brand and the emotional, social and rational buying needs.

A premium sales person in action must be focused on a strategic level of thinking, demonstrating business acumen around the customer and their requirements. If your people are offering a premium product they must offer a premium service and position themselves as a facilitator in the customer’s decision-making process.


Product Launches

Eagerly awaited and the most important event in a new vehicle’s development, the Launch must go without a hitch. We understand the importance that those chosen to demonstrate, sell and support the vehicle must have total belief, knowledge and be fuelled with energy and excitement to ensure success.
Our people have the experience and the personality to communicate the vehicle, its market position, key selling points and the new technology.


Exhibitions are tough marketing battlegrounds. How do you grab footfall to ensure you take the highest share of the spoils?
You have spent thousands on your stand, graphics, literature, hotels, but have you invested in the people facing the customers? We can provide the people or train your team to project and represent your brand and product with the right knowledge and consistent image.


Only when I saw the Earth from space, in all its ineffable beauty and fragility, did I realize that humankind’s most urgent task is to cherish and preserve it for future generations.

Sigmund Jahn, German Cosmonaut

The most successful automotive companies in the world recognize that environmental responsibility is not only good for business; it is becoming an integral part of the way vehicles are marketed, purchased and driven. More and more customers are willing to pay premiums for vehicles and equipment that are produced and operated using environmentally compliant practices. We have experience of leading models in the marketplace – let us train your people.

Cara McLaughlin, a spokesperson for the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), credits “huge efforts” by manufacturers and “billions of euros of investment” in research and development for lowering the environmental impacts of driving.

Forecasts from PwC suggest that about 24m cars are expected to roll off European factory lines come 2019, up from 19m at present. PwC’s Harrold describes sustainability as the “lifeblood of the industry”, but concedes much more must be done. “Is it enough?” he asks, referring to carmakers’ progress. “No, clearly not. We’re at a staging post in a journey.”